Attention: Ambitious & Aspiring Property Investors...

“REVEALED: The Secret 3 Step Deals On Demand System That Enabled This Ex-IT Wage Slave
To Buy 29 Properties In 24 Months
(In His Spare Time, With None Of His Own Money)”

John Wilson BSc: Multi-million Portfolio, Investing In Property Since 2003

From the desk of John Wilson BSc, 10th July 2020.

Dear Fellow Property Investor,

      Sooner than you think, you could easily join the ranks of the full time property investors and developers who consistently bag blockbuster profits from virtually every deal they do...

      Or you could still be scratching your head, wondering why your investing efforts fail to achieve the financial freedom you crave...  

      Stick with me for just a few short minutes and I'll share with you exactly how my Deals On Demand System can help you achieve this. But please pay close attention as you may not see this page again... But first, why should you listen to me?

“Since 2003, I've Grown A £Multi-Million Property Portfolio, Built And Sold A Property Management Company With 100's Of Properties And Educated 1000's Of Property Investors With My Articles, eBooks And Courses...”

      Having said that.... Frankly, when I first started off in property in 2003, I was an idiot

      Basically, I went out and bought a few buy-to-lets, ran out of money and had to take a part time job...

      I'd just quit a well paid I.T. career in London so I was frustrated and actually kind of embarrassed...

      All I had wanted was to get out of my wage-slave J.O.B. and do something I was truly passionate about -- i.e. property...

      And as far as I was concerned, I had failed...

      It was 3 more painful years of trial and error before I cracked it. And when I finally did, I was able to grow my portfolio to over 30 properties in under 2 years!

      I had discovered the method that -- after years of battle-testing and refinement -- would later become the Deals On Demand (DoD) System...

“It Was Using This Simple Yet Powerful System That Enabled Me To Source Deals Like This One Where I Secured A £21,250 Discount...”

      And this one, snagged with a £24,500 discount...

      And this one where the seller virtually forced me to buy for a gigantic £31,000 discount!

“You Might Think That Opportunities Like This Only Come Around Once In A Blue Moon But No, They Come Up Every Day, All Over The UK (If You Have The Correct System)...”

      So what was the “secret sauce” that I discovered?


      Well, if you've been interested in property investing for any length of time, you'll already know that you get the best deals by cutting out the estate agent and going direct to MOTIVATED sellers. 

      And that brings us to the first component of my system: "Digitally Enhanced Prospecting"...

DoD System Step #1 — “Digitally Enhanced Prospecting”

      It's widely accepted that the quickest, easiest and cheapest way to reach motivated sellers is with offline, guerrilla marketing techniques. It absolutely is, and I'm going show you how to do that -- the right way -- as it'll be your bread and butter... 

      BUT have you ever phoned or visited a seller and been asked: "so what's your website?"...

      I have.

      And it wasn't pretty.

      I had to respond sheepishly: "erm, I don't have one".

      I was MORTIFIED -- I couldn't get out of there fast enough!

      I suppose I don't blame them though, I mean would you do business with a company that didn't have a website these days?!

      Needless to say, I lost the deal...

      However, that day, I resolved that I would get a website... And get a website I did but I woefully underestimated what a website would do for my business...

“Your DoD Website Will Enable You To ‘Hack’ Your Authority And Position Yourself As The Local Go-To Property Expert Virtually Overnight (Even If You’re A Complete Beginner)”

      In fact, I soon discovered that having a website is a bit like having a bestselling book -- it effortlessly elevates you to expert status in your prospect's eyes...

      Your expertise is now assumed and this makes the whole deal-making process so much smoother and more predictable.

      Can you see how powerful that is?

      Having a website will enable you to leapfrog your local competition and have them wondering why everyone wants to sell to you, even though you may even be offering less!

      And that's why, with the Deals On Demand System, we've designed a specialised Deal Sourcing Website for you to use in your business...

Guerrilla Property Websites Demo Website

      And it's not just any old website, it includes no less than 5 critical elements that ensure that the prospects who visit it are psychologically COMPELLED to contact you and do business with you.

      That is what "Digitally Enhanced Prospecting" is all about -- it enables you to convert your deals faster, easier and with much less resistance

      And, of course, you won't experience the same embarrassment that yours truly did!

      I know what you're thinking though: "you're an IT guy John, you can work with websites but I can hardly switch a computer on!"...

      But don't worry, we've got your back: we've designed the interface to be super-easy, even for the most tech-shy investor, in fact...

“If You Can Send An Email Then You'll Be Able To Easily Customise Your Website Using Our Simple Point And Click Interface In A Jiffy”

      A website is a powerful time-saving mechanism too: it helps to qualify your sellers for you and acts as a salesman who never sleeps, working for you round the clock to sell your service...

      If you're looking to get into property alongside a full time job then you'll find it invaluable. In fact...

“I Built My Portfolio Using The DoD System Whilst Working More Than Full-Time Running A Business, So Doing This Beside A 9 To 5 Should Be A Breeze

      The next roadblock I came up against was in talking to sellers on the phone...

      It's all very well generating the leads but if you don't know what to say to people on the phone then you might as well forget about it...

      In the early days, this plagued me: I found myself tongue-tied, stumbling and unsure what to say next. Maybe you've experienced this too, if you've gotten to this stage?

      I knew there had to be a better way so I started to develop a system to use on the phone... I started by creating a framework so that I made sure that I covered everything I needed to during each call...

      Things started to improve but I still wasn't happy...

      I knew that I could make it better, so I did deep research into persuasion and psychology... I excitedly applied the discoveries I made to the framework, to create what we now call the "Automatic Negotiation Method"...

DoD System Step #2 — “The Automatic Negotiation Method”

      The "Automatic Negotiation Method" is a step-by-step game-plan and a set of advanced scripts that when used, virtually do the deal for you, they're literally that powerful...

      These unique scripts are loaded with psychological triggers that enable you to simultaneously build rapport with your prospect whilst positioning yourself as the solution to their problem...

The "DoD" Automatic Negotiation Method Telephone Scripts #1 and #2

      They include language patterns that will enable you draw out the seller's real level of motivation, saving you valuable time chasing leads that don't really NEED to sell...

      We've also included "antidotes" to all the common objections that may arise so that you can deal with these like a pro if they arise and keep the conversation sailing towards a win-win outcome for you and the seller...

      There's even a language pattern built in that when used, will virtually guarantee that your seller is okay with you asking probing personal questions and remove any possibility of them shutting you down when you do...

“Our Rare, Battle-Tested Phone Scripts Are Loaded With Powerful Psychological Triggers That Make Negotiation Child's Play, Even For The Greenest Of Newbies”

      The final stumbling block that I always came up against in my business was over the issue of deciding what to do with each deal...

      I always spent too long scribbling out numbers on paper and once we even got the numbers wrong which resulted in us losing a lot of money on a deal!

      I knew I had to streamline the way I did things so I developed a spreadsheet that would do the heavy lifting for me...

      This spreadsheet later became known as the "Strategy Selector Machine"...

DoD System Step #3 — “The Strategy Selector Machine”

      By punching in a few numbers, the spreadsheet could tell me -- based on certain parameters -- whether I should do a deal or not... 

      It would even tell me which strategy would work best for a particular deal...

      It removed the guesswork from the process of analysing each deal, boosted my confidence in knowing I was choosing the correct strategy and speeded up the deal timeline significantly...

The DoD "Strategy Selector Machine"

“The Unique Strategy Selector Machine Enables You To Analyse Deals As If You Had An Elite Investor Sat By Your Side Coaching You, Every Time”

      Our system covers every possible base to make your investing a breeze but what if you don't have any money to invest? We have you covered there too...

      We're going to brief you on two strategies that can be used if you don't have the cash yourself to invest, to enable you to still create an extremely profitable property business, FAST:

  • Joint Ventures -- by teaming up with cash-rich, time-poor individuals, you'll have the freedom to do all the deals you want. We'll show you how to find these people; you may even find one in our members-only Facebook group. Many investors continue operating like this even after they have plentiful cash in the bank... 
  • Deal Packaging -- this is the ULTIMATE starter strategy whereby you "package" your deals and sell them to other investors for fees of anything from £1,000 to £15,000 and more per deal. Use this strategy to build up your war chest so that you can grow a portfolio or move on other opportunities. Many investors keep this as their main strategy as the cashflow potential is FEARSOME...

“No Cash? Having Deals (Which You Will With Our System) Is Far More Important Than Having Cash... We'll Show You Exactly What To Do If You Don't Have Liquid Funds Available”

      So, long story short, I had found the solutions to the sticking-points in my business and it ran like a well-oiled machine from that point on...

      The end result? Within 24 months I'd grown my portfolio from 5 units to over 30

      I now have the financial freedom and life I always dreamed of that allowed me to travel the world and finally meet my lovely Californian wife. Now we live between the UK and the States, getting the best of both worlds... 

      I don't say all that to brag, the point is that I'm nothing special -- anyone can do this if they put in a bit of graft and implement the DoD System!

      And now...

“Frankly, I Have Enough Properties Now And I’ve Decided To Give Back And Share My Groundbreaking System With Ambitious Investors Like You...”

      This is a RADICAL new way to create a cash-flowing property business, even if:

  • You have ZERO experience...
  • Your initial budget is less than £100...
  • You’re not a world-class negotiator, marketer or tech person...
  • check
    You’ve never done a property deal before in your life...
  • check
    You’ve tried something similar before and failed...

      Obviously it may work better or faster if you have one or more of these things but all it really requires to work is this:

  • 1
    You have a passion for property...
  • 2
    A positive attitude...
  • 3
    A willingness to learn and implement new things...

      If that's you and you want to get your hands on the method that'll TRANSFORM the way you view property investing forever then stick with me as I have a limited offer that you'll want to know about...

"You're Going To Love These Free Bonuses..."

      When you invest in the Deals On Demand System today, you'll also get a FREE 30 day Guerrilla Property Investing Membership trial which will give you access to your VIP private members area packed to bursting with all the other training and resources you'll need AND these two exclusive benefits:

  • Your very own Deal Sourcing website that you can easily customise to your own brand and that will activate the "Digitally Enhanced Prospecting" component of the DoD System
  • An exclusive, members-only Facebook Group where you can get answers to your questions directly from me and other investors..

      So, to summarise...

Here's Exactly What You Get When You Join Today:

The Deals On Demand System (Valued at £997)

  • Previously only available to our high-end consulting clients paying up to £4,000, this 190+ minute video training series goes deep into how to deal with motivated sellers and negotiate the best deals
  • Rare "Automatic Negotiation Method" telephone scripts loaded with powerful psychology that will enable you to simultaneously build rapport with your prospects and position yourself as the solution to their problem
  • Our unique "Strategy Selector Machine" enables you to confidently decide which strategy to use with each deal 

Guerrilla Property Marketing System (Valued at £97)

  • How to market offline for motivated sellers like a pro, so you cut out the middle man and get the cream of the deals
  • Complete 1+ hour video training library and download collection
  • 30 day quick-start action plan and video walkthrough
  • Full PDF transcripts and MP3 audios so that you can listen on your smartphone, iPod or in your car!

Guerrilla Property Investing Membership Trial (Valued at £348/year)

  • Access to your own VIP private members area packed to bursting with all the training, resources and support you need to start or grow your property business FAST
  • Includes course material and resources previously only available to our high-end consulting clients

"Members Only" Facebook Group (Priceless)

  • Included in your Guerrilla Property Investing Membership free trial
  • Be part of a movement and be surrounded by likeminded entrepreneurs - let's do this together!
  • Receive group coaching directly from myself and get your questions answered by myself and other investors
  • Trade your deals or make partnerships with other investors in the group

Your Own Customisable Deal Sourcing Website (Valued at £497)

  • Included in your Guerrilla Property Investing Membership free trial
  • Activate "Digitally Enhanced Prospecting" and position yourself as the go-to local property expert with this stunning mobile-ready website
  • Includes the 5 vital elements required to turn visitors into leads eager to sell you their property at a discount
  • Easily customise to your own brand in a flash with our simple drag-and-drop interface
  • FREE domain name of your choice
  • Livechat and blog functions plus much more!

Unprecedented Joint Venture Opportunity (Priceless)

  • Included in your Guerrilla Property Investing Membership free trial
  • Exclusive opportunity to joint venture with us to sell your deals
  • Access to our extensive investor list, including one buyer with a requirement for dozens of units monthly!

Guerrilla Property Goldmine (Valued at £49)

  • This is for you if you are unsure exactly where you should be investing (getting this wrong can set you back drastically!)
  • Essential Step-By-Step Manual and Strategy Video reveals the simple 3-step process to locate your own Goldmine area!

Guerrilla Deal Packaging (Valued at £99)

  • How to "package" deals that you don't want to other investors for for fees of £1,000 to £15,000 per deal
  • Possibly the ULTIMATE fast-start strategy as you can get going on a VERY low budget
  • 73 page Digital Manual and essential Downloads Collection

      By now you’re probably quite excited about the DoD System and you’re wondering how much it costs. Well, this material has previously only been available to our high-end consulting clients, paying up to £4,000...

      And be aware that you won't find this system anywhere else. Not even at weekend "guru" seminars; as our student Ollie Stapleton says:

"I went on the [company name removed] training course in the London Hilton last year and what I’ve seen from you so far is far more advanced to what they offered in the three Day course."

      However because I want your success story, you can try the DoD System today for the insanely low price of just £39.

That’s a total value of over £2,087 and today you get all of it for just £39!

      That’s PEANUTS compared to what you could make on your first deal!

      Plus, you get instant online access to the System and training, which you can watch and re-watch at your own pace. No booking travel, hotel rooms or taking precious time away from family to go to an overpriced seminar!

      If you choose to stay a Guerrilla Property Investing member after the 30 day trial, you’ll be billed just £39 per month to keep access to your ‘members only’ Facebook group, your Joint Venture facility and your specialist ‘Deal Sourcing’ website...

      Note that this is a "trial offer". I don't know how long we'll be able to give you all this value together for this crazy-low price. We may decide to shut it down and offer everything separately so I suggest you act now before we come to our senses!

Get Started Now For An Investment Of Only £39

(Total Value Over £2,087)

Click the button below to checkout securely... (Instant access, even at 3am!)

Get The Deals On Demand System And Bonuses For Only £39!

After your 30 day membership free trial, you'll be billed £39 per month. Cancel at any time by emailing

      By now, you've probably convinced yourself that there's serious money to be made with the DoD System. It's absolutely true.

      I've personally created an income-replacing portfolio and netted many thousands of additional profits... as a direct result of what you're about to discover.

      Obviously I can't be certain you'll do the same. I don't know you. For all I know, you may not make a single penny. So let's do this. Take the DoD System for a no-risk test drive... and prove the system will work for you.

      I want to make sure this is a no-brainer for you so we have a full 30 day money back guarantee; if you’re not completely blown away with the value of Deals On Demand and Guerrilla Property Investing or even just slightly underwhelmed then I demand that you contact me and I will give you a full refund!


If you're not completely BLOWN AWAY by the Deals On Demand System... Or even just slightly underwhelmed then I DEMAND that you contact me and I will give you a full refund!

      But I know that you’re going to love this material and use the DoD System in your business to great effect. And because when you start to see the results you’re going to experience you’ll never look back.

      Think about it, what would it mean for your life if you found a £30,000 discount deal in the next 30 days? If you released that cash, would you:

  • Fire your boss and leave your JOB?
  • Pay off debts?
  • Splurge on a new car or a lavish holiday?

      However, I don’t want you to miss out so it’s important to know that this discount is strictly time-limited so you must be prepared to jump on this quickly and take action now to secure the DoD System at this limited discount price...

      So act now and click the button below now for instant access to the exclusive members area and I’ll see you in there!


Shadé Jegede

Property Investor

Hi John thank you so much your Programs are absolutely mind blowing and I’m learning so much whilst implementing what I’ve learnt from your program in my business... Also yes 100% feel free to use my feedback as a testimonial on your site because your program is literally saving people like me thousands of pounds elsewhere you’ve given me EVERYTHING! I could ever need all my questions are answered absolutely amazing I can’t wait to mail you my documented progress again Thanks a lot John

O. Stapleton

Investor & Developer

Anyway just some feedback for you as well - I went on the [competitor name removed] training course in the London Hilton last year and what I’ve seen from you so far is far more advanced to what they offered in the three Day course. I understand it’s all about getting people to buy further bits which is fine but they were too much in your face with it and if you weren’t interested in the £20k course they weren’t interested in you. I’ve found your softer approach far more superior and I think you will be a far greater success in all of this.

S. Kraljic

Property Investor

I'm packing as much as I can in. I am familiar with a lot of the subjects but still picking up some 'Golden nuggets' of information. I find that the way you have presented the course is really well done and a pleasure to learn. 'No flannel' well presented and easy to digest even for an old dog like me. I am looking forward to the deal packaging sections. Thanks again.

David Fox

Investor & Developer

As a private landlord, I've found the course to be incredibly valuable in how I source property and package any deals that I don't wish to buy myself.

The tips and strategies that John imparts are simple, yet so very effective. As soon as I started implementing them they began to pay off.

I've recommended this material to many of my friends and acquaintances already and am more than happy to provide a glowing reference to anyone interested in this business.

Follow the guidelines and you'll be well on your way to success.

R. Lawrence


I found the course very informative and productive, with clear step by step instructions, no fluff, just clear precise instructions and tips, nothing withheld

I will definitely use the strategies and tips to build and source potential sellers list by using the guerrilla methods to market my business on a shoe string.

For anyone starting out in the property market, then this will help to get going, and I would certainly recommend the course to anyone looking to get in the property market with a low budget, and little knowledge. Overall great course, and I will surely be putting this in practice.

Steve Thompson

Former Estate Agent & Property Developer

If you are looking to gain more property leads than you have ever seen before then Guerrilla Property Investing is going to change the way you look at building your property portfolio.  

I have been in the property industry for many years in different roles and I have seen different ways of making money out of property. None is as easy to follow and effective as Guerrilla Property Investing.

Get Started Now For An Investment Of Only £39

(Total Value Over £2,087)

Click the button below to checkout securely... (Instant access, even at 3am!)

Get The Deals On Demand System And Bonuses For Only £39!

After your 30 day membership free trial, you'll be billed £39 per month. Cancel at any time by emailing

      P.S. A special section for any tyre-kickers reading this...

      You have no valid reason not to try this. Wouldn't it be nice to live your life without all of these problems?

  • "I don't have £39" (I bet you waste more than this every month! Borrow it if you have to and let's get going...)
  • "I'm too busy" (Too busy doing what? Keeping your head above water and waiting for success to fall in your lap?)
  • "It won't work for me" (That little voice inside your head is the very thing you need to defeat to become successful. It's what's holding you back. Give yourself the benefit of the doubt, because I'm taking all of the risk here. You might just surprise yourself.

      Try this groundbreaking System today, while it's fresh in your mind...

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