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John Wilson

John Wilson BSc: £Multi-million Portfolio, Investing In Property Since 2003

From: John Wilson


Date: Today, 25th July 2024

Subject: Your Financial Freedom 

I'm really excited to be giving away 100 FREE books this week as my way of introducing you to my private, new online community and property investor websites (more on those in a moment).

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So you like the idea of getting into property.


You like the idea of the extra cash it can bring into your life and the luxuries that brings.

You might like the security property can give in your retirement...

You might even like the idea of using property as a path to quitting your current job and getting financially free.

But there’s always something in the way: lack of money, lack of time, lack of experience, lack of access to discounted property, inability to get a mortgage, perhaps even a lack of belief in yourself that you can actually do this.

“But There Is A Book That Offers Solutions To All Of Those Problems In A New And Easy To Implement Way!”

“Property Investment Hacking” has been designed to solve all of these all-too-common barriers to property investing in a concise and easy to read manner.

However, the solutions this book provides will not only help you overcome your blocks to getting started in property... If used properly, they will actually put you on the fast-track and help you “ethically shortcut” your way to a multi-million pound, income-replacing financial freedom-enabling property portfolio, faster than you ever dreamed possible.

But why should you listen to me?

“Since 2003, I've Grown A £Multi-Million Property Portfolio, Built And Sold A Property Management Company With 100's Of Properties And Educated 1000's Of Property Investors With My Articles, eBooks And Courses...”

I grew my own £multi-million property portfolio, the bulk of which was done in the space of 24 months, in my spare time and using none of my own money.

In addition, since starting in property in 2003, I’ve built and sold a property management company with 100's of properties under management and educated 1000's of property investors with my articles, eBooks and courses...

Now it’s time to give back and share some of the knowledge I’ve discovered and used over the years. I’ll also be sharing information on strategies I’ve not used personally but know extremely successful investors who have.

Property investors experienced and inexperienced have already experienced great success by implementing the tips and tricks found in this helpful guide.

But Don't Just Take My Word For It!

David Fox, an investor and developer from Tyne & Wear says: “The tips and strategies that John imparts are simple, yet so very effective. As soon as I started implementing them they began to pay off.”

We promise that if you read this book, you’ll have the tools to smash through any barriers you may have had to getting started in property. And we promise that you’ll know about all the strategies that will enable you to grow a multi-million pound, income-replacing financial freedom-enabling property portfolio, ten times faster than you’d be able to do, using “old fashioned” methods.

Grow An Income-Replacing Property Portfolio, 10 X Faster Than With “Old Fashioned” Methods

Don’t be the person who misses out on opportunities in life because you don’t have the tools to easily and quickly build an income-replacing property portfolio. Be the kind of person other people marvel at... be the kind of person other people see and say: “I don’t know how they do it”... be the kind of person who takes action and does so immediately!

The property tips and hacks you’re about to discover have been proven to work time and time again for hundreds, if not thousands of investors up and down the UK. All you have to do to have a chance to become one of them is to keep reading. Each chapter will give you new insight as you set out on your new property investing journey.

Take control of your destiny right now and enjoy the new life you’re creating.

Yes, The Book Really Is £14.99 FREE!

(Just cover P&P)

When you claim your free book right now, we'll rush it to your door today. Here's just some of what you'll discover:

  • The "Brain" Hack: why your own mind can be your biggest barrier to success in property, and 3 strategies you can employ immediately to overcome this - Page 24
  • The "Deep Discounts" Hack: the one thing you must be doing in order to get 15-30% discounts on properties, every time without fail - Page 39
  • The "Instant Authority" Hack: how a website can "hack" your authority and transform yourself into the go-to local property expert overnight, even if you're brand new - Page 54
  • The "Google" Hack: how to get in front of your prospects at the precise moment they become motivated enough to do something about selling their property - Page 66
  • The "Instant Gratification" Hack: how to start generating motivated seller leads in 24-36 hours using Google Ads - Page 77
  • The "Fast Cash" Hack: how to generate your first £2,000 - £5,000 commission cheque within 60 - 90 days, even if you have no money to invest - Page 86
  • The "Other People's Money" Hack: how to access unlimited funds for your projects by attracting private finance - Page 106
  • The "Instant Hotel" Hack: how to turn an ordinary buy-to-let into a serviced accommodation unit that produces 600% more income - Page 119
  • The "Infinite Return" Hack: how to buy unlimited properties with just one deposit by "recycling" it over and over again - Page 141
  • The "Look No Mortgages" Hack: how to control and profit from properties that you don't even own for an investment of as little as £1 - Page 177
  • The "Profit Amplification" Hack: how to "amplify" the profit you can make from a single property by 146% by letting out rooms individually on a long term basis - Page 157
  • The "Instant Portfolio" Hack: how to create a rental empire out of thin air by leveraging other people's properties - Page 166
  • The "Multiple Streams Of Income" Hack: how to uncover unexpected income in your business from the resources that you already have - Page 190 
  • The "Done For You" Hack: how to invest in property using the talents of others with as little as £100... starting TODAY! - Page 202 

Once you learn these secrets, it will enable you to put cold hard CASH in your pocket quickly, whenever you feel like it, no matter what's happening in the economy!

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Why am I giving my book away for FREE? It's simple...

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They want to give you a taste of something greater... be it a delicious pizza or a phone service subscription.

In this case "something greater" is my exclusive private online investor community and property investor website solution. That's Guerrilla Property Investing and Guerrilla Property Websites...

You'll get instant access to our Private Online Networking Mastermind Group, our VIP members area packed to bursting with training and tools to help you succeed and your very own property investor website that you can easily customise to your own brand.

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Oliver Stapleton I went on the ▉▉▉▉▉▉▉▉▉ training course in the London Hilton last year and what I’ve seen from you so far is far more advanced to what they offered in the three Day course. I understand it’s all about getting people to buy further bits which is fine but they were too much in your face with it and if you weren’t interested in the £20k course they weren’t interested in you. I’ve found your softer approach far more superior and I think you will be a far greater success in all of this.

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