Attention Fellow Property Investor:

"How I Trousered £3,600 for 15 Minutes Work Using a Property Lead I Almost Threw in the Trash!"

I couldn’t wipe the excited grin off my face as I raced across town to my mum’s place... I wanted to show her the crisp cheque for £3,600 I’d received that day in the post.

I knew she was sometimes a little unsure about what exactly it was I did for a living so I hoped seeing some concrete evidence would make her proud of me.

To me, the amount wasn’t the impressive thing though (I’d made more than that in a property deal before then). What was remarkable was the fact of just how little actual work I’d done to earn it.

"I almost felt a little guilty about how little work I’d done!"

So, what had I done to get that cheque?

I had stumbled upon what happens to be hands-down the single quickest way of making money from property in existence: Deal Packaging.

I had “packaged” the deal on to another investor (via a middleman who did most of the work).

And since then I have come to realise that using the Deal Packaging strategy, even newbies can...

"Easily Cashflow £3K - £8K Per Month In 30-90 Days Using Property Leads You'd Normally Throw Away (In Your Spare Time and With No Investment Required)!"

The consummate beauty of deal packaging lies in these appealing facts:

  • You don’t need cash (you don’t need deposits as you’re not buying them yourself!)
  • You don’t need mortgages
  • You don’t need to wait for finance
  • You can package the deals that you don’t buy yourself (you generated the lead, so why not profit from it, right?). Don’t assume that just because you wouldn’t buy it, someone else wouldn’t love to!

Once you have a stream of leads coming in from your Guerrilla Property Marketing, let’s face it: you won’t be able to buy them all yourself. And Deal Packaging is without doubt the quickest and easiest way of monetising the deals you don’t buy yourself.

In fact, I believe that Deal Packaging is...

"The Ultimate Fast, Low-budget Way to Get Out of the Rat-race and Into Property, Spending a Just Few Hours On the Side Each Week..."

Not only that but seasoned investors will tell you that Deal packaging will remain your friend throughout your property career because it offers the ideal way to monetise leads that you’d otherwise never use yourself.

Property is all about building multiple streams of income and Deal Packaging is one of the most simple and deadly-effective streams of income that you can implement in your business.

Building up a Buy-to-Let portfolio is probably most investors’ end goal. But let’s face it, doing that is SLOW; Deal Packaging is FAST. And it can be used to “turbo-charge” and “fast-track” that portfolio building effort.

"Deal Packaging is the Perfect Complement to Single Lets. Single Lets is the Wealth Builder, Deal Packaging is the Instant Cashflow..."

Or, of course, it can be an awesome stand-alone business in its own right.

Are you starting to see how powerful this strategy is?

Introducing “Guerrilla Deal Packaging”...

GDP is a Training Manual and a collection of Essential Resources that lead you step-by-step through the deal-packaging process and show you exactly what to do to quickly and easily get up and running as a Deal Packager.

In Guerrilla Deal Packaging, you’ll uncover:

  • The exact steps I followed to earn that £3,600 cheque I told you about
  • The 4 types of packaged deal (one of which can potentially net you 5 figures for a single deal!)
  • Exactly how to package your first deal step-by-step
  • One crafty way to market deals you find in less popular areas
  • How to find buyers for your deals (heck, we've even found a buyer for you -- see bonus #5 below!)
  • The one document you MUST have to ensure your deals don’t “fall out of bed”
  • The “red tape” you need to be aware of and how to easily navigate it
  • How to ethically "cheat" and start a Deal Packaging business without even finding any properties or packaging any deals!

"Let me ask you something..."

If you were earning £3,000 to £5,000 per deal, how many of these would you need to do in a month to replace your current job income?

Do you see how you could easily replace your income in 30 to 90 days?

Sure, it might take a little longer to start with but once you have this mastered, you could be spending as little as 4-5 hours (or less) on each deal. Maybe even 15 minutes now and again, like my deal I told you about! How many of those could you do in a month?

And when you add Guerrilla Deal Packaging to your order today, you're going to get this set of rare and powerful bonuses (number 5 is a cracker!):


FREE Bonus #1 — Deal Packaging Brochure Templates £97 VALUE

  • Make your deals irresistible with these professionally designed templates
  • Sections for everything your investor needs to know about the deal
  • Powerpoint / Keynote format so you just plug everything in on your computer or laptop

FREE Bonus #2 — Seller Lock Out Form £29 VALUE

  • Enhance your close rate ten-fold by ensuring your seller doesn't agree a sale with anyone else
  • Easily editable Word format or RTF

FREE Bonus #3 — Timeline Tracking Forms £19 VALUE

  • Progress your deals smoothly with these exclusive timeline tracking forms
  • Forms for each of three different deal types
  • PDF format for easy printing

FREE Bonus #4 — Communication Management Form £19 VALUE

  • Keep all the contact info for each deal in one place to make sure you never drop the ball
  • PDF format for easy printing

FREE Bonus #5 — Unprecedented Joint Venture Opportunity £PRICELESS VALUE

  • Exclusive opportunity to JV with us to sell your deals (England & Wales)
  • Access to our buyer with requirement for dozens of units monthly
  • Worth way more than the price of this course on its own!

Setting up a lucrative deal packaging business has never been easier. And with our exclusive JV opportunity, selling your deals can be easy as shooting fish in a barrel!

Just imagine: if you find just one property deal* and pass it on to them, you could replace your income (never mind pay for the cost of this course!) in less than 60 days!​

* (It doesn't even have to be your deal: it could be someone you know and you're just helping them to find a buyer!)

So, go ahead and click the button below to add GDP to your order now and I'll see you on the other side!​

Get Started Now for a One-Off Investment of Only £99!

(I want to make sure this is a no-brainer for you so we have a full 30 day money back guarantee; if you’re not completely blown away with the value of Guerrilla Property Marketing or even just slightly underwhelmed then I demand that you contact me and I will give you a full refund -- no questions asked!)


If you're not completely BLOWN AWAY with the value of Guerrilla Property Marketing... Or even just slightly underwhelmed then I DEMAND that you contact me and I will give you a full refund -- no questions asked!

But I know that you’re going to love this material and use the forms and templates in your business. And because when you start to see the results you’re going to experience, you’ll never look back.

Think about it, what it mean for your life if you earned a £5,000 deal packaging fee in the next 30 days? If you released that cash, would you:

  • Fire your boss and leave your JOB?
  • Pay off debts?
  • Splurge on a new car or a lavish holiday?

However I don’t want you to miss out so it’s important to know that this discount is strictly time-limited so you must be prepared to jump on this quickly and take action now to secure your copy at this great discount price.

So go ahead and click the button below now for instant access to the Guerrilla Deal Packaging exclusive members area and I’ll see you in there!

Get Started Now for a One-Off Investment of Only £99!