Attention: Property Investors...

“What Excuse Do You Make
When Asked For Your Website... And You Haven't Got One?”

John Wilson BSc: Multi-million Portfolio, Investing In Property Since 2003, Amazon bestselling author.

From the desk of John Wilson BSc, 23rd April 2021.

      If you don't currently have a website for your Rent to Rent, Serviced Accommodation, HMO, Development, Property Training or Sourcing business, then I get it...

      You're focused on finding the deals. Heck, you probably blew most of your budget on courses to get you up to speed on the strategies you're using...

      And that's how it should be -- education is valuable. But what happens when the day comes that you're asked by a prospect or potential client: "what's your website?".

      (And I guarantee that day will come.)

      It came for me just after I got started, in 2005 or so...

      And it wasn't pretty.

      I was standing with a seller, all set to make an awesome deal to buy their house...

      And then came the question: "So, what's your website?". 

      I had to respond sheepishly: "Erm, I don't have one".

      I was MORTIFIED -- I couldn't get out of there fast enough!

      I suppose I don't blame them though, I mean would you do business with a company that didn't have a website these days?!

      Needless to say, I lost the deal...

      However, that day, I resolved that I would get a website... And get a website I did, but I woefully underestimated what a website would do for my business...

“Your Website Will Enable You To ‘Hack’ Your Authority And Position Yourself As The Local Go-To Property Expert Virtually Overnight (Even If You’re A Complete Beginner)”

      In fact, I soon discovered that having a website is a bit like having a bestselling book -- it effortlessly elevates you to expert status in your prospect's eyes...

      Your expertise is now assumed and this makes the whole deal-making process so much smoother and more predictable.

      Can you see how powerful that is?

      Having a website will enable you to leapfrog your local competition and have them wondering why everyone wants to do business with you instead!

      And that's why, with the Guerrilla Property Websites program, we've developed a collection of specialist property websites for you to choose from and use in your business...

The Deal-Making Process Is Smoother And More Predictable With A Specialist Website 

      And it's not just any old website, each website type is optimised for a particular property strategy and looks fantastic on any device...

      You're going to find that your Guerrilla Property Website will enable you to convert your deals faster, easier and with much less resistance

      And, of course, you won't experience the same embarrassment that yours truly did!

      I know what you're thinking though: "you're an IT guy John, you can work with websites but I can hardly switch a computer on!"...

      But don't worry, we've got your back: we've designed the interface to be super-easy, even for the most tech-shy investor, in fact...

“If You Can Send An Email Then You'll Be Able To Easily Customise Your Website Using Our Simple Point And Click Interface In A Jiffy”

      In the complete library of easy to follow training videos, I'll personally lead you through website customisation step-by-step.

      A website is a powerful time-saving mechanism too: it helps to qualify your sellers for you and acts as a salesman who never sleeps, working for you round the clock to sell your service...

      No matter what type of property business you have, we probably have a theme to suit...

      (If we don't, then let us know and maybe we can create one for you!)

“Choose From 10 Different Themes, To Suit Every Type Of Property Business...”

Deal Sourcing Website

  • The original deal sourcing site. This gets best results when focused tightly on one area or city
  • Put this on your marketing materials to enhance your credibility and pre-sell your services
  • Motivated sellers can input their details to request an offer
  • Available in dark and light themes

Deal Packaging Website

  • This stunning investor-focused site is essential if you plan to build or grow a viable deal packaging business
  • Password-protected members only deals area to showcase your deals to your investors
  • Ability for investors to sign up to see private deals, growing your investor database
  • Ability to mass email your investors to promote new deals to get them sold virtually at the click of a mouse...

Serviced Accommodation Website

  • This beautiful serviced accommodation website allows you to showcase your available spaces
  • Save booking platform fees by integrating your channel manager...
  • OR take bookings right on the site, using our native booking interface
  • FAQ section so that guests can access your terms and emergency info at any time of day or night 

Rent To Rent / HMO Website

  • This dual-purpose website site allows you to boost your credibility with landlords and close more deals with your guaranteed rent service
  • Showcase your rooms to your tenant prospects
  • Landlord and tenant signup, to grow your database of prospects...
  • Mass email landlords to promote your service so that you're front and centre when they decide they've had enough...!
  • Picture galleries promoting your rooms so that potential tenants see the high standard you're offering...

Tenant Buyer Website

  • Credibility is super-important when putting a lease option deal together and this clever website site allows you to build that and educate your tenant buyers on your service
  • The newsletter feature lets you build your tenant buyer database and mail them whenever you have a new home available...

Corporate / Lease Options Website

  • Showcase your property company in the very best light
  • Garner that all-important credibility if you are seeking funding for your projects
  • If your strategy is to get lease option deals from agents, a professional website is vital, to show them that you mean business
  • The mailing list feature lets you build your investor database and mail them whenever you have a new deal available...

Property Development / Marketing Website

  • Showcase your refurb or development for sale
  • Ease the sale: people aren't buying bricks, they're buying a lifestyle and that's what you should be selling them. A dedicated website is key to doing that...
  • Cut down on pointless viewings by letting people see beautiful pictures of your project

Property Coaching / Training Website

  • Offering property coaching or training can add a very lucrative income stream to your business
  • Showcase your courses and mentorship
  • Take payments or schedule coaching sessions in your calendar, right on the site
  • Blog and newsletter features

Land Sourcing Website

  • Source land for developers or even for your own projects
  • Use this site on your marketing to position yourself as the local land expert
  • Sellers can request a valuation direct on the website...

"You're Going To Love These Free Bonuses..."

      When you invest in your Guerrilla Property Website today, you'll also get access to our Guerrilla Property Investing Membership, which will give you access to your VIP private members area packed to bursting with all the other training and resources you'll need.

      So, to summarise...

Here's Exactly What You Get When You Join Today:

Guerrilla Property Websites (£1086)

  • Position yourself as the go-to local property expert with this stunning mobile-ready website
  • Blazing fast hosting included
  • Easily customise to your own brand in a flash with our simple drag-and-drop interface
  • FREE domain name of your choice
  • Livechat and blog functions plus much more!

The Deals On Demand System (Valued at £997)

  • Previously only available to our high-end consulting clients paying up to £4,000, this 190+ minute video training series goes deep into how to deal with motivated sellers and negotiate the best deals
  • Rare "Automatic Negotiation Method" telephone scripts loaded with powerful psychology that will enable you to simultaneously build rapport with your prospects and position yourself as the solution to their problem
  • Our unique "Strategy Selector Machine" enables you to confidently decide which strategy to use with each deal 

How To Find Incredible Rent To Rent Deals (Valued at £297)

  • Our mystery trainer reveals his definitive method for finding amazing rent to rent deals
  • How to find your perfect rent to rent area
  • How to add value to your deals, increase your profit margins
  • How to get started with no money
  • BONUS rent to rent deal calculator spreadsheet

Guerrilla Property Investing Membership (Valued at £348/year)

  • Access to your own VIP private members area packed to bursting with all the training, resources and support you need to start or grow your property business FAST
  • Includes course material and resources previously only available to our high-end consulting clients

"Members Only" Facebook Group (Priceless)

  • Included in your Guerrilla Property Investing Membership 
  • Be part of a movement and be surrounded by likeminded investors all working towards financial freedom together 
  • Receive group coaching directly from myself and get your questions answered by myself and other investors
  • Trade your deals or make partnerships with other investors in the group

A Second Guerrilla Property Website (Valued at £1096)

  • Get a second Guerrilla Property Website of your choice included for the price of one!
  • Use it now or keep it for when you need it

Guerrilla Deal Packaging (Valued at £199)

  • How to "package" deals that you don't want to other investors for for fees of £1,000 to £15,000 per deal
  • Possibly the ULTIMATE fast-start strategy as you can get going on a VERY low budget
  • 73 page Digital Manual and essential Downloads Collection

      By now you’re probably quite excited about Guerrilla Property Websites and you’re wondering how much it costs. Well, if you were to go to a designer (as some of our customers did before they came to us), you could end up paying £3,000 or £4,000 or more...

      And even then, you have to ask yourself, how much does your designer know about property investing?

      But with Guerrilla Property Websites, you get years of property investing and marketing experience distilled into an easy to use all-in-one system for one low monthly payment...

That’s a total value of over £4,023 and today you get all of it for just £39 per month!

      And for a very limited time, you're getting TWO Guerrilla Property Websites for the price of one...

Get Started Now For An Investment Of Only £39

(Total Value Over £4,023)

Click the button below to checkout securely...

Get The Guerrilla Property Websites System And Bonuses For Only £39 Per Month!

After your 30 day membership free trial, you'll be billed £39 per month. Cancel at any time by emailing

      By now, you've probably convinced yourself that your property business needs a Guerrilla Property Website. It absolutely does.

      But I want to make sure this is a no-brainer for you so we have a full 30 day money back guarantee; if you’re not completely blown away with the value of Guerrilla Property Websites and Guerrilla Property Investing, or even just slightly underwhelmed then I demand that you contact me and I will give you a full refund!


If you're not completely BLOWN AWAY by Guerrilla Property Websites... Or even just slightly underwhelmed then I DEMAND that you contact me on and I will give you a full refund!

      However, I don’t want you to miss out, so it’s important to know that the offer of TWO Guerrilla Property Websites for the price of ONE is strictly time-limited so you must be prepared to jump on this quickly and take action now...

      So act now and click the button below now for instant access to the exclusive members area and I’ll see you in there!


Terence Mokom

Property Investor

I just want to share a quick note and let you know that John does an excellent job with Guerrilla Property Websites.

I’m glad I decided to work with you. It’s really great how easy your websites are to update and manage. The website is also very stylish and functional.

It’s almost like having a designer right here with me. I just choose the page, make the change and click save. It’s so simple.

Thank you very much for all your support John!

Andrew M

Investor, The Wirral

The platform and the way it is set up for users to
input their detail is absolutely brilliant!!! Easy to work with. Very well laid out and the tutorials make it very easy to use and follow.

I was busy messing around obtaining various quotes from Web designers but they were charging extortionate amounts. I jumped on your webinar … and glad I did.

Roland Eva

Former Head of Marketing at Progressive Property

John Wilson is one of the best marketers in property…

I’ve learned a ton from him… and you should soak up everything you can from him. John will help you make more money in property…
John is a rare talent of computer geek and creative expert. Unless you’re a tech wizard, you should work with John to make money faster… without hours of frustration.”

Get Started Now For An Investment Of Only £39

(Total Value Over £4,023)

Click the button below to checkout securely...

Get The Guerrilla Property Websites System And Bonuses For Only £39 Per Month!

After your 30 day membership free trial, you'll be billed £39 per month. Cancel at any time by emailing

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