“The Dream Deal Attraction Formula”

The Automated, Self-Funding Way To Pull In Motivated Seller Leads Online That Are 3x-5x More Likely To Turn Into 23%-47% Discount Deals

(Even If You're A Technology Dummy!)


John Wilson, BSc
The Guerrilla Investor

Full time in property since 2003, John has built up a £multi-million portfolio and built and sold a property management company managing hundreds of properties.

What You'll Discover
On this New Webinar:

  1. How A Website Can Position YOU As The “Go-to Local Property Expert” Overnight, So People Are Psychologically Compelled To Flock To You And Sell You Their Houses For Silly Discounts (Even If You Don’t Actually Have Much Experience)
  2. How To Use A Website To Prospect For You, So You Leverage Your Time And Money, While You Do Other Things (Even If You Know Nothing About Websites Or Coding!)
  3. Why Section 24 Is A Godsend And Will Actually Result In Higher Returns And Abundant, Easy Deals For Your Property Business
  4. The Motivated Seller Website Blueprint That Predictably Converts 7-15% Of Targeted Visitors Into Leads That Are Foaming-At-The-Mouth-Keen To Sell Their House To You For Deep Discounts
  5. How to Replace Trading Time For Money And Taking Time Away From Your Family With “Hands Free” Online Marketing Campaigns That Create A Reliable, Automated Lead Flow (Even While You Sleep)
  6. How To Leapfrog Your Local Competition And Have Them Wondering Why Everyone Wants To Sell To You, Even Though You’re Offering Less!

Nobody else is teaching this stuff and I don't know if I'll even run this again so I suggest you reserve your spot now!